Discover Ecigra at At Middle East Vape Show (WORLD VAPE SHOW)

The Middle East 2021 vape exhibition is about to open at the Dubai World Trade Centre. We are all set to meet you there. Keep your eyes out for C20! Ecigra invites you to join us and explore the awe-aspiring collection of premium e-juice. You haven’t seen a variety quite like this.


Ecigra is Part of the WORLD VAPE SHOW 2021

This event serves us the best way possible, and we are excited! It is a much-anticipated opportunity for us to display our jaw-dropping collection of high-quality e-juice. Try your favorite flavors with the Ecigra twist, and check out our new line of flavors, richly crafted for your tastebuds.

We are just as thrilled as you are to get acquainted. The vape show starts on 19th September, giving us all three days of groundbreaking experience at the international vape convention. It closes on 21st September at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Head to Booth P25.

What is the WORLD VAPE SHOW?

This event is the largest global vape exhibit, and UAE is hosting it this year. It is the biggest gettogether of suppliers and manufacturers where they showcase their groundbreaking selection of unique vape products to their target audience, including distributors, wholesalers, and consumers.

It is where vapers from all over the world gather; a hub to get introduced to similar people, see a wide range of products, try the latest innovations in vape kits and e-liquids - the best vaping experience.

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1. What Date is the WORLD VAPE SHOW 2021
It starts on 19th September and will end on 21st September 2021. Vape businesses and consumers can join this spectacular event to experience this one-of-a-kind vape event.
2. Where is the WORLD VAPE SHOW 2021
Dubai World Trade Centre is hosting this international event. Vape brands and vapers participate.
3. Who can attend the WORLD VAPE SHOW 2021?
Vape retailers, wholesalers, online retailers, suppliers, overseas traders, vapers, influencers, and more can attend this biggest vape event. The event displays products, e-liquids, and everything else vape involves.